Just read this article: http://www.edudemic.com/2012/09/5-critical-mistakes-schools-ipads-and-correct-them/

It's made me realise that I've got to ensure all staff have a goal for using their iPad in a lesson. I'll put some of my teaching ideas down here and see if anyone would like some help with them.

1. Camera

- taking videos or photos for work samples and feedback to students.

- students taking photos for examples

- students taking videos for instructions on how to use/implement something

- Students making up a song/rap/dance to remember a concept/formula and videoing it

Instructions on how to use the camera are here on the staff day PDF: http://ictlinksforteachers.weebly.com/ipads.html

2. Garage Band

- Making raps/songs about concepts

- recording copyright-free backing music for videos

- recording speeches with the option of adding sound effects, backing sounds or music

- ability to change vocal quality to imitate different characters

- recording songs created by the students

3. Instructional videos

- I use Knowmia Teach http://www.knowmia.com/teachers

There is also Explain Everything http://www.explaineverything.com/

- I have been using this to make instructional videos for Music Theory. Then the students have been working at their own pace through exercises.

- Students can also make instructional videos as assessments or simply to ensure they understand a concept.

Hope these inspire!

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