• Thanks for these ideas presenters!
  • @tombarrett
  • How can we put the story of learning into the hands of each student? With reflection opportunities:
  • Where have I been
  • Where am I now
  • Where to now
  • How do I get there
  • "Tag" their learning, a mosaic added to over time
  • Tag outcomes to ensure compliance!
    • Jelly baby tree - students can tell you how they feel. Used magnets to show where they are at
    CIT: Could we use edmodo to help with VET paperwork?

    thought: Parents need more acces to learning environment. Going to try to get more of my parents on my edmodo pages.

    James J:Quake feed - good for tectonic plates, shows magnitudes of earthquakes, real time, real world

    James J:Explain everything - good for uploading test question explanations, students can also create their own presentations, can take pictures of the student's work and show their work on the screen- can make the students more accountable. 

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