1)      Once logged in, open Moviemaker Live – click on Windows button and type “moviemaker” or “live” and MovieMaker Live will appear as a program that can be used.

2)      In the home tab you will notice Webcam.

3)      Click Webcam and you may be prompted to which device for audio and visual you want to use. Click OK.

4)      A screen appears for you to record with the red dot that you need to click on to record.

5)      Position the laptop and webcam to the area you want to take photos.

6)      Click record and then start moving the objects that you are wanting to record (Is this a Claymation exercise?)

7)      Once you are happy with the shots you want, click stop.

8)      You will be prompted to save the footage. Save it on the desktop or in an appropriate folder.

9)      You can then scroll throw the footage and click on the “SnapShot” icon in the Home tab.

10)   This will take snap shots of frames with in the video and you save these images to the folder you want to.

11)   The snapshots are also automatically added to the movie project.

  • Thanks for these ideas presenters!
  • @tombarrett
  • How can we put the story of learning into the hands of each student? With reflection opportunities:
  • Where have I been
  • Where am I now
  • Where to now
  • How do I get there
  • "Tag" their learning, a mosaic added to over time
  • Tag outcomes to ensure compliance!
    • Jelly baby tree - students can tell you how they feel. Used magnets to show where they are at
    CIT: Could we use edmodo to help with VET paperwork?

    thought: Parents need more acces to learning environment. Going to try to get more of my parents on my edmodo pages.

    James J:Quake feed - good for tectonic plates, shows magnitudes of earthquakes, real time, real world

    James J:Explain everything - good for uploading test question explanations, students can also create their own presentations, can take pictures of the student's work and show their work on the screen- can make the students more accountable. 


Post your thoughts and ideas here

Would love to hear your ideas

Just read this article: http://www.edudemic.com/2012/09/5-critical-mistakes-schools-ipads-and-correct-them/

It's made me realise that I've got to ensure all staff have a goal for using their iPad in a lesson. I'll put some of my teaching ideas down here and see if anyone would like some help with them.

1. Camera

- taking videos or photos for work samples and feedback to students.

- students taking photos for examples

- students taking videos for instructions on how to use/implement something

- Students making up a song/rap/dance to remember a concept/formula and videoing it

Instructions on how to use the camera are here on the staff day PDF: http://ictlinksforteachers.weebly.com/ipads.html

2. Garage Band

- Making raps/songs about concepts

- recording copyright-free backing music for videos

- recording speeches with the option of adding sound effects, backing sounds or music

- ability to change vocal quality to imitate different characters

- recording songs created by the students

3. Instructional videos

- I use Knowmia Teach http://www.knowmia.com/teachers

There is also Explain Everything http://www.explaineverything.com/

- I have been using this to make instructional videos for Music Theory. Then the students have been working at their own pace through exercises.

- Students can also make instructional videos as assessments or simply to ensure they understand a concept.

Hope these inspire!